Do you have a good dog but at times don't feel you have any control?

Are you consistently frustrated during walks, from your dog pulling, growling, barking or lunging?

Has your life changed completely from the way you envisioned with your brought your dog home? Are you keeping your dog from day to day situation that you would love to enjoy because of your dog aggressive behaviors? Is the trust you once had dimension in your family dog?

Lets team up as we change the way you live with your dog today!

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Follow My Lead Dog Services: The Leading Dog Training Services Provider in South Shore, Boston, Brockton, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas

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According to experts, getting your dog trained can improve the overall well-being of your life and dog, strengthen your relationship with each other, and ensure that your dog lives harmoniously and safely in your community. These perceived benefits are indubitably the keys to long-term happiness and balanced of your beloved dog! As such, it is important to hire the right dog trainers who can provide the necessary training techniques for your dog and for you, as the dog owner, as well. In Massachusetts, specifically in the areas of South Shore, Boston, and Brockton, one of the best dog servicing companies is the Follow My Lead Dog Services. Helmed by passionate and well-knowledgeable dog trainers and equipped with the right resources for holistic and comprehensive dog trainings, Follow My Lead never fails to deliver exceptional dog training (e.g. pack leader training), and walking services.

Follow My Lead is a Massachusetts-based dog servicing company which was established in 2012 by Raymond Turner. Currently, it is offering the services of dog walking, training which includes training to be the pack leader, pack walks, and other dog coaching and training services. I provide structured and guided programs suited for the needs/behaviours of your dogs. In particular, I offer board and train packages, in-home private sessions, walk and train, Off Leash training, and pack walks amongst others. These packages typically include assessment of your dog’s behaviour, learning commands, and coaching of the dog owners via text/email. All of these programs which are currently offered for those based in South Shore, Boston, Brockton, Massachusetts, are aimed towards ensuring the physical and mental well-being of your dogs and more so, enhancing your bond with your dog.

Whether you’re a beginner or advance dog owner based in South Shore, Boston, Brockton, Massachusetts, Follow My Lead has the right programs and reliable and skilled trainers for your canine companions! Generally, I offer structured dog training which include pack leader training, dog walking, and other dog coaching services. Contact us now and we will help to make sure you have better relationship with your dog!

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"We hired Ray in April 2015 to train our 4 month old Labrador Retriever, Gus. Ray did an outstanding job of training our puppy to respond to obedience commands. We were more than impressed with what Ray had accomplished in just under a week. In addition to work he did with our puppy, Ray was exceptionally patient with us and answered each of questions thoroughly and completely. I would strongly recommend hiring Follow My Lead to anyone looking to work with an experienced, compassionate trainer who understands how to work both with people and pets."
Everett W., April 20, 2015

"Ray took the time to teach me to teach my puppy, and helped me to anticipate issues that may come up as time goes on. I feel fully prepared to use what he taught me to train my puppy properly! He answered every question I had, and showed me how to improve other things he noticed as we went about my puppy's training as well. I couldn't be happier with the experience."
Miranda B., 01 Jan 2015

"I was at the point where my digs (3) behaviors were making me want to pull my hair out! They claimed my furniture as their own and would pile on top of me when I sat. I couldn't sleep in my own bed comfortably because all three dogs wouldn't sleep any where else. In addition to all of that they would not listen to commands. I love my dogs but I they were taking over! Ray came on Sunday and we sat down an discussed things I wanted to work on and a little about the dogs personalities. He right away could tell I was a softy :). My dogs weren't confident that I was able to keep them safe. He worked with me and the dogs and made sure he gave tips, advice, and examples for each concern I had. We went on a walk together and he showed me how to lead my pack and show my dgod that I was in charge and they didn't have to worry. I would keep them sade. Before he left he made sure all my questions were answered. He text me the next day to provide a continued boost of encouragement and assured me that if I needed anything just to call. Ray helped me to take control of my pack and taught me how to achieve simple commands from my dogs without even having to speak!!! Amazing! My three dogs are currently laying in their bed on the floor and me in mine. I am absolutely impressed with the wealth of knowledge and professionalism Ray has. He truly is a dog whisperer and knows how they think. He was able to tell me what my dogs were going to do before they even did it! If you are looking to train your pack you could not go wrong with Follow my lead. Thank you Ray for everything! I'm truly amazed"
Samantha B., 24 Aug 2014